Thursday, December 12, 2013

Backes Family {Orange County, CA Family Photographer}

The light faded fast for us on this shoot, but the Backes Family still maintained a cheerful, relaxed aurora and it contributed to getting great shots, regardless.  Such a sweet family!
 photo IMG_2297bw_zps84c530ce.jpg

 photo IMG_2348_zpsaea49a7d.jpg

 photo IMG_2260_zps572385dd.jpg

 photo IMG_2176_zpsba9ddf89.jpg

 photo IMG_2187bw_zps9675e084.jpg

 photo IMG_2318bw_zpsbde045f6.jpg

 photo IMG_2231_zps9a11c4c3.jpg

 photo IMG_2518_zps6f48164b.jpg

 photo IMG_2413_zpsd372b49b.jpg

 photo IMG_2167fix_zps77bf8b85.jpg

 photo IMG_2397bw_zps7368ba25.jpg


Allyn One Year {Orange County, CA Children's Photographer}

I can't believe this little doll face is already a year old!  I did her newborn shoot last year on my daughter's birthday, so it makes me reflect on how fast this past year has flown!

 photo IMG_1942_zps60fb7f0f.jpg

 photo IMG_1617bw_zpse4d9ac24.jpg

 photo IMG_1592_zps98e77466.jpg

 photo IMG_1882_zps1f620928.jpg

 photo IMG_1760bw_zpsc8cf9b98.jpg

 photo IMG_1648_zpsd7a0169d.jpg

 photo IMG_1971bw_zpsde50f9b9.jpg

 photo IMG_1975_zpsa5703240.jpg

 photo IMG_1829_zpsa25e5bb6.jpg

 photo IMG_1567_zps1ca22767.jpg


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Newborn Sterling {Orange County, CA Newborn Photographer}

This little lady decided to come 3 1/2 weeks early.  Tiny in size but she makes up for it with hair and a dimple (I'm a sucker for dimples!)

 photo IMG_1221fix_zps3d7ef60b.jpg

 photo IMG_1149fixbw_zpsa390f9ad.jpg

 photo IMG_1089fix2_zps1cda1feb.jpg

 photo IMG_0876fixbw_zps293416cc.jpg

 photo IMG_1152fix_zps395e01bf.jpg

 photo IMG_0930fibw_zpsc1d8c450.jpg

 photo IMG_1048fixblog_zps39f97c85.jpg

 photo IMG_1106fixbw_zpse8a7dfc3.jpg

 photo IMG_1190fix_zps8a5a633b.jpg

 photo IMG_0986fix_zpsede0f1c2.jpg

 photo IMG_1228fix_zps493d3e6d.jpg


Saturday, December 7, 2013

Newborn Garrex {Orange County, CA Newborn Photographer}

This shoot was dear to my heart, as I was able to witness the unfeigned joy this baby brought into the world with him.  Meet sweet baby Garrex.

 photo IMG_0070fixblogblue_zps7590ffeb.jpg

 photo IMG_0003bw_zps6bb408ad.jpg

 photo IMG_9854bwspot_zps4b3b36aa.jpg

 photo IMG_0009_zps78611b7d.jpg

 photo IMG_0027fixbw_zps9dcf2327.jpg

 photo IMG_0096_zpsb12d1209.jpg

 photo IMG_0144_zps7344569d.jpg

 photo IMG_0051bw_zps74715aaf.jpg

 photo IMG_9946fix_zps631efbb3.jpg

 photo IMG_0113fix_zpsd0a120f4.jpg


Sunday, December 1, 2013

Evans Family {Orange County, CA Family Photographer}

This (obviously) was a family shoot, but it was also Parker's one year shoot.  She has come so far and is such a little miracle!  Both girls are the sweetest things ever!

 photo IMG_08212blog_zps605f7a76.jpg

 photo IMG_0809_zps25acea0e.jpg

 photo IMG_0541_fixbw_zpsefe45fc7.jpg

 photo IMG_0640_zpsd2ddd5dc.jpg

 photo IMG_0486_zps56d81845.jpg

 photo IMG_0666_zps4585efef.jpg

 photo IMG_0466_zps70e50951.jpg

 photo IMG_0616_zpsf435d11f.jpg

 photo IMG_0585_zps073c6c56.jpg

 photo IMG_0852bw_zps3d065ec3.jpg


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