Friday, October 24, 2014

Scheckter Family {Orange County, CA California Family Photographer}

These boys are the same age as mine, so it was fun to goof off with them for the afternoon.  After a rigorous session, their mom told me, "well, it's good to have a lot of energy for a photo shoot than none, right?" - which is so, so true!

 photo 7P5A7966-Edit_zps4ed9a77e.jpg

 photo 7P5A7923_zpsd7432b90.jpg

 photo 7P5A7900-Edit_zps8fe5649a.jpg

 photo 7P5A8189-Edit_zps6e0ca159.jpg

 photo 7P5A8326-Edit-2_zps7ee4302d.jpg

 photo 7P5A8366-Edit_zps0367e052.jpg

 photo 7P5A8125-Edit_zps92fffe64.jpg

 photo 7P5A8309-Edit_zpse6f1e685.jpg

 photo 7P5A8096-Edit_zps569ce3cb.jpg

 photo 7P5A8396-Edit_zpsfd5521ac.jpg

 photo 7P5A7892_zps74d42140.jpg


Monday, October 20, 2014

Umans Family {Orange County, CA California Family Photographer}

I've photographed this family for so many years that we are having to start getting creative on photo shoot locations.  This old door in Laguna was so fun to use as a backdrop, I think I'll be adding it to my list!

 photo 7P5A7352-Edit-Edit_zps27608513.jpg

 photo 7P5A7456-Edit_zps00913485.jpg

 photo 7P5A7371-Edit_zpseb376093.jpg

 photo 7P5A7425-Edit_zpsfd2da62c.jpg

 photo 7P5A7479_zpsac75a22e.jpg

 photo 7P5A7500-Edit_zps07b69fe1.jpg

 photo 7P5A7589-Edit_zps070f508d.jpg

 photo 7P5A7381-Edit_zps25789848.jpg

 photo 7P5A7283-Edit_zps2afd3b3e.jpg

 photo 7P5A7624_zps9301f443.jpg


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Raegan's Turning One {Orange County Aliso Viejo California CA Childrens Photographer}

Raegan's mom put a ton of time and thought into preparing for this photo shoot, which made it so much fun for me!  There were so many ideas and props that I could have shot for hours (if the subjects and lighting would have permitted :)  Rae was a tad bit sick (lots of booger Photoshopping, lol) but she was a trooper and her older brother might just be the sweetest little boy I have EVER met (seriously, I hope my boys turn out like him!)

 photo 7P5A7183-Edit_zpsd644476d.jpg

 photo 7P5A7080-Edit-Edit_zpsf897eeb2.jpg

 photo 7P5A6816-Edit_zpsb15f6443.jpg

 photo 7P5A6940-Edit_zps1d829011.jpg

 photo 7P5A6603-Edit_zps581dae7a.jpg

 photo 7P5A6791-Edit-2_zps1bd3781d.jpg

 photo 7P5A6732-Edit_zpsf5c8b54b.jpg

 photo 7P5A6758-Edit-2_zps10fa92b2.jpg

 photo 7P5A6768-Edit-2_zps4524d111.jpg

 photo 7P5A7068-Edit-2_zpsa306c8d1.jpg

 photo 7P5A6894-Edit-2_zps1b0a5815.jpg

 photo 7P5A7017-Edit_zps8aff2f5f.jpg


Thursday, October 9, 2014

Newborn Zoey {Orange County, California Newborn Photographer}

This baby is cute enough to make any lady baby hungry!  Such a sweet little peanut, too!

 photo 7P5A6354-EditpreLORmixed_zps52d02126.jpg

 photo 7P5A6464-Edit_zpse2c942e4.jpg

 photo 7P5A6380-Edit-2_zps979b746b.jpg

 photo 7P5A6407-Edit-2_zps1bdbf138.jpg

 photo 7P5A6568-Edit-2_zps85008bfb.jpg

 photo 7P5A6438-Edit_zps073f592f.jpg

 photo 7P5A6485-Edit-Edit_zps6aeb0559.jpg

 photo 7P5A6372-Edit_zpsed69ff2b.jpg

 photo 7P5A6390-Edit_zps5c6c8dc6.jpg

 photo 7P5A6532-Edit_zps0ad18d45.jpg


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