Friday, April 24, 2015

Three Chicks {Orange County, CA California Aliso Viejo Family Photographer}

These girls may be the sweetest girls ever... as soon as I stepped out of my car to shoot I was bombarded with compliments. "You're pretty!"  "I like your hair!" and when I asked it I could come live with them, they gave me a giggly "yes".  They're welcome over at my house any day!

 photo 7P5A4726-Edit_zpsxcyiwll8.jpg

 photo 7P5A4692-Edit_zps0cjjo5ia.jpg

 photo 7P5A4934_zpswb0hn7zu.jpg

 photo 7P5A5027_zpsblii3agi.jpg

 photo 7P5A4769_zps2pezc9xi.jpg

 photo 7P5A4801_zpspnl3o0gw.jpg

 photo 7P5A4781_zpsz9sadv6x.jpg

 photo 7P5A4625-2_zpsxk2hmkbq.jpg

 photo 7P5A4794_zpsfer3k9kc.jpg

 photo 7P5A4954_zpsjmfm5avq.jpg


Thursday, April 16, 2015

Tegan & Co. {Orange County, California CA Family Photographer}

This sweet little girl and her family were able to squeeze in a photo shoot while visiting from New York!

 photo 7P5A4018_zpss5eu5or8.jpg

 photo 7P5A4076_zpsko4rxaoh.jpg

 photo 7P5A3791_zpszmheuax6.jpg

 photo 7P5A3829_zpsk0csxzcu.jpg

 photo 7P5A3744_zpscho7y0uf.jpg

 photo 7P5A4215_zpsrupi1cjh.jpg

 photo 7P5A4036LOR_zpsu995slls.jpg

 photo 7P5A4151_zpsww7lc1xl.jpg

 photo 7P5A3763_zpswzb7i7qb.jpg

 photo 7P5A3818_zpsczvknqzy.jpg

 photo 7P5A3752-Edit_zpsitadt8go.jpg


Sunday, April 12, 2015

Newborn Teddy {Orange County, CA California Newborn Photographer}

Newborn Teddy at ten days old

 photo 7P5A3107-Edit_zpsyaxucgdu.jpg

 photo 7P5A2962-Edit_zps5xnscdpi.jpg

 photo 7P5A3139-Edit_zpsgzi4a2w1.jpg

 photo 7P5A2930-Edit-Editbw_zpsk2vcemhi.jpg

 photo 7P5A2876-Editbw_zps0hbus8mm.jpg

 photo 7P5A3034-Edit_zpso41k15rz.jpg

 photo 7P5A3118-Edit_zpspwbug5ip.jpg

 photo 7P5A3005-Edit-3_zpsm2ywxjyf.jpg

 photo 7P5A2805-Edit_zpsy9v5vaop.jpg

 photo 7P5A3069-Edit_zpssngbyb2y.jpg

 photo 7P5A3091-Edit_zpsuedsqymr.jpg

 photo 7P5A3023-Editbw3_zpsujbhaylp.jpg


Friday, April 3, 2015

Zoey | 6 Months {Orange County, Aliso Viejo California CA Childrens Photographer}

 photo 7P5A2728-Edit_zpsfujfqywk.jpg

 photo 7P5A2441-Edit_zpstkfnyazk.jpg

 photo 7P5A2553-Editbw_zpsypjtzbef.jpg

 photo 7P5A2450-Editbw_zps3dilzev8.jpg

 photo 7P5A2777-Edit_zpsh6bdnvns.jpg

 photo 7P5A2590-Edit_zpsnltpnwqm.jpg

 photo 7P5A2490-Edit_zpsybdwryad.jpg

 photo 7P5A2665-Edit_zpsbavrhvcf.jpg

 photo 7P5A2449-Edit_zpsombwpaek.jpg

 photo 7P5A2579-Edit_zpssxtnwseo.jpg


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