Thursday, December 11, 2014

Newborn Thomas {Orange County, CA Newborn Photographer}

The day of Thomas' shoot was rainy and gloomy (extremely rare here in Orange County) and it gave me beautiful natural light through a huge window that would have had unusable direct sunlight were it to have been a sunny day.  It was also at his grandparent's house, since they live too far for me to travel.  It was so much fun to have the parents AND grandparents there, and we even got a shot with Thomas in his HUGE grandfather's hands (and also his namesake :)

 photo 7P5A1883-Edit_zps35b7ac20.jpg

 photo 7P5A2155-Editbw_zps692328dc.jpg

 photo 7P5A2036-Edit-2_zps6966be11.jpg

 photo 7P5A2120-Editbw2_zps8beece2c.jpg

 photo 7P5A1973-Edit-Edit_zps7a3fc357.jpg

 photo 7P5A2006-Edit_zpsc7ffba5d.jpg

 photo 7P5A2240-Editbw2_zps71a53e0b.jpg

I know Thomas is frowning in this photo, but that was what was so endearing and sweet to me!
 photo 7P5A2101-Editbw_zpsd6b46b3c.jpg

 photo 7P5A2167-Edit_rad_zps4d0aa2aa.jpg

 photo 7P5A1957-Edit_zps515c20d6.jpg


Friday, December 5, 2014

Brooklyn {Orange County, California Children's Photographer}

This cute trio actually lives out of state and stopped by for a studio shoot while they were in town visiting family.  Little Brooklyn just turned one, and reminds me so much of my youngest daughter!  Such a fun (and busy!) time of emerging personalities.

 photo 7P5A1604-Edit_zpse957954e.jpg

 photo 7P5A1669-Edit-2_zpse617ba46.jpg

 photo 7P5A1763-Editbw_zpsda148252.jpg

 photo 7P5A1485-Edit-2_zps5c40c385.jpg

 photo 7P5A1711-Edit_zps017b10d1.jpg

 photo 7P5A1584-Edithair_zps901389d0.jpg

 photo 7P5A1701-Edit-2_zps04350b19.jpg

 photo 7P5A1726-Edit_zps96b09a65.jpg

 photo 7P5A1618-Edit-Edit_zps902d99ef.jpg

 photo 7P5A1766-Edit_zpsc91fd75d.jpg


Monday, December 1, 2014

Grimm Family {Orange County, CA Family Photographer}

I've been photographing these kids for seven years now, and I love seeing how their personalities grow and change with each new year.  I also love how their photo shoots are 100% enjoyable (as much as family pictures can be, at least :) with 0% stress.  They let their kids pick out whatever they want, and as I think back through all the previous years, I realize how much more that reflects each kid's personality.  Isn't that what taking pictures should be all about?

 photo 7P5A1198_zps83c347e5.jpg

 photo 7P5A1167-Edit_zps17e4dbe1.jpg

 photo 7P5A1068-Edit_zps175c4045.jpg

 photo 7P5A1283_zpsf3cd06b5.jpg

 photo 7P5A1207_zpscb604f47.jpg

 photo 7P5A1259_zps86d9918b.jpg

 photo 7P5A1056_zpscee1d721.jpg

This picture is almost a repeat from two years ago!
 photo 7P5A1360_zpsa412771f.jpg


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Anaya: Six Months {Baby, Children, Family Photographer Orange County California}

Between the combo of how adorable this family is and how well set-up their house decor is for photo shoots, I was in heaven!  This little lady's smile hasn't changed a bit since her newborn shoot!

 photo 7P5A9678-Edit_zpsf68e8420.jpg

 photo 7P5A9708-Edit-2_zpsa2f120d2.jpg

 photo 7P5A9645-Edit_zpsdb54dce8.jpg

 photo 7P5A9632-Edit_zpscd7f3f61.jpg

 photo 7P5A0018-Edit-2_zps9ea422cc.jpg

 photo 7P5A9960-2_zps9bbf051a.jpg

 photo 7P5A9889_zpsd667ca76.jpg

 photo 7P5A9920-Edit_zps54ba9127.jpg

 photo 7P5A9592-Edit_zpsaad2d8fe.jpg

 photo 7P5A9601_zps21458a6d.jpg

 photo 7P5A9860_zps46ca89b7.jpg


Sunday, November 2, 2014

Larson Family {Orange County, CA California Family Photographer}

I love photographing this family, they are so sweet and laid back.  The little girl is a total ham in front of the camera and the little boy... well, he'd rather be swinging sticks and playing with trucks (pretty much sums up every little boy I've ever known :)

 photo 7P5A8419_zps0c236c3e.jpg

 photo 7P5A8514-2-Edit_zpsae85c42f.jpg

 photo 7P5A8545-Edit_zpsbca7eb85.jpg

 photo 7P5A8833-Edit_zpsdfffbfe7.jpg

 photo 7P5A8583_zps5fdd1d58.jpg

 photo 7P5A8684_zps06bf33cc.jpg

 photo 7P5A8472-Edit-Edit_zps690fc703.jpg

 photo 7P5A8424_zps5a7569aa.jpg

 photo 7P5A8518-Edit_zps7aa0d8a7.jpg

 photo 7P5A8614_zpsa548a6e8.jpg

 photo 7P5A8719-Edit_zps3c1ea9e5.jpg

 photo 7P5A8791-Edit_zps350d9552.jpg


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