Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Newborn Bennett {Orange County, CA Newborn Photographer}

Life is going so fast, and feels especially so when I photograph an existing client's new baby.  It's like I was just there photographing big brother Brooks as a newborn, but now he's this adorable two-year-old and his older sister has turned into a mature little mommy.  For me, it literally feels like a blink of an eye!

 photo 7P5A5833fix_zps948bd838.jpg

 photo 7P5A5390fixcrop_zps85eaf1b0.jpg

 photo 7P5A5435_zpsa980d2e3.jpg

 photo 7P5A5479fix_zpsa92de649.jpg

 photo 7P5A5551fixbw_zpseeb556ce.jpg

 photo 7P5A5501fixbw_zpsdd06f9ef.jpg

 photo 7P5A5750fix_zps7067753d.jpg

 photo 7P5A5737fix_zps382c482b.jpg

 photo 7P5A5663_zps7016c63e.jpg

 photo 7P5A5805fix_zps1cc1156a.jpg


Saturday, April 5, 2014

Newborn Greyson {Orange County, CA Newborn Photographer}

So many fun things to work with during this shoot... like Greyson's "G" light from his nursery and also his two doggies :)  I've been so lucky lately, too, with smiley babies!

 photo 7P5A5205rad_zps8ad3bf52.jpg

 photo 7P5A5162fix_zps312305f7.jpg

 photo 7P5A52371fix_zps104c266f.jpg

 photo 7P5A5120bw_zps2ca1f4c4.jpg

 photo 7P5A5083fix_zpsb6d1dedf.jpg

 photo 7P5A5306fix_zpsecc1d56a.jpg

 photo 7P5A5057_zps63879e81.jpg

 photo 7P5A5009_zpsa27ce417.jpg

 photo 7P5A5039bw_zps2b907df5.jpg


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