Thursday, March 27, 2014

Newborn Jack {Orange County, CA Newborn Photographer}

I headed up to LA for this little man, who was born about 15 months after his big brother (I took his newborn pics also). This time it wasn't as easy to get him (big brother) to lay still, ha ha :)

 photo 7P5A4595_zps3b60081d.jpg

 photo 7P5A4776bw_zps2695e6ff.jpg

 photo 7P5A4954fixbw_zps1f6f3c19.jpg

 photo 7P5A4683fix_zps2e466c0e.jpg

 photo 7P5A4652fixbw_zps423cdbff.jpg

 photo 7P5A4714bw_zps30675082.jpg

 photo 7P5A4873_zps3f85b893.jpg

 photo 7P5A4759_zps814b6bd1.jpg

 photo 7P5A4729_zps177f7740.jpg

 photo 7P5A4959fixbw_zps11618d38.jpg


Monday, March 24, 2014

Harmony & Brad {Orange County, CA Family Photographer}

My best friend Harmony is getting married to Brad and they're merging families to make one big happy one!  I'm so happy for everyone involved!

 photo 7P5A4407_zps4c6036a3.jpg

 photo 7P5A4249_zps39124c33.jpg

 photo 7P5A4327_zps83b58f7a.jpg

 photo 7P5A4066_zps7d6a88ed.jpg

 photo 7P5A4312_zpsd6e40fbc.jpg

 photo 7P5A4285_zps26476236.jpg

 photo 7P5A4438bw_zps53487976.jpg

 photo 7P5A4377rad_zpsad16d1d8.jpg

 photo 7P5A4202_zpsd7a6e3e9.jpg

 photo 7P5A4223_zps09d7fa70.jpg

 photo 7P5A4263_zpsfcff2659.jpg


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Newborn Jackson {Orange County, CA Newborn Photographer}

This shoot was so much fun because my client had a lot of meaningful props to incorporate into the shoot.  The baseball mitt was his great-grandfather's (I hope I got that right! :), so special!  On a side note, I think I photograph the prettiest mommies ever! 

 photo 7P5A2365fix_zpsb5e89144.jpg

 photo 7P5A2335_zps384af31a.jpg

 photo 7P5A25772_zps99af8d2b.jpg

 photo 7P5A25002_zps898fdf25.jpg

 photo 7P5A2438_zps29f0f15f.jpg

 photo 7P5A26302bw_zps2f4dc3e3.jpg

 photo 7P5A2396fix_zpsf4e433cd.jpg

 photo 7P5A2583_zps27ae5a2c.jpg

 photo 7P5A2293bw_zps8d8d68f9.jpg


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